Week 1 Summer Program in Shukugawa Primary School

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Day 1

Today was the first day of our summer program. They started off the day playing at the park before it got too hot. Then, we returned and cooled off learning about ice cream. They had so much fun using strawberry jam, chocolate sauce, granola and even whip cream in their sundaes. It may have been a little sticky, but all the students enjoyed eating their very own hand made sundaes!


Day 2 

On the second day, the primary students got to experience their very own Scavenger Hunt. They were split into three teams and had to read clues to find the next locations. It was super hot, so they quickly hurried through their adventure and returned back to school. Inside they learned what ‘scavenge’ means and had a few worksheets where they had to find certain items. The first team to find everything was rewarded with a special surprise! What will they get to do tomorrow?


Day 3

Today, the primary students had a very cool science experiment. They all made their very own colored slime. First, it started off by mixing water with a little bit of paint. Then they added in some laundry starch. Then in a separate cup, they mixed together some warm water and a special ingredient. They put everything together and  voila! Slime! The kids had a lot of fun stretching and squishing it! I hope their parents enjoy them taking it home!

今日、初等部の生徒たちは、とてもクールな科学実験を行いました。みんなで自分だけのカラースライムを作りました。まず、水と少しの絵の具を混ぜることから始まりました。そして、洗濯糊を入れました。そして、別のカップで、ぬるま湯と特別な材料を混ぜ合わせました。そして、すべてを混ぜ合わせて、できあがりです。スライムだ 子供たちは、スライムを伸ばしたり、つぶしたりして楽しんでいました。親御さんにも喜んでもらえるといいですね。

Day 4

The primary students had a great time in their summer program today. Each student got to make their very own Hawaiian Pizza, from scratch! They each mixed their ingredients into dough balls, spread their tomato sauce, cut their ham and pineapple, and sprinkled on cheese! It was a long process but the students enjoyed eating their pizzas at the end of the day. No one left school hungry today!


Day 5

The primary students finished off their first week of the summer program with a Summer festival. There were so many things to do. First they started the day making their very own chocolate ice cream, then making a watermelon craft and then playing many games and winning prizes! There was a goldfish scoop, a yo-yo catcher and even a ring toss. All the students enjoyed their day and left with many things to take home!