Head of Aoyama School

Mr. Christopher

Hello everyone. I’m Mr. Harper. I was born and raised in Kansas City in the United States and have about ten years of teaching experience. I have a Bachelor degree in Health Science and Sport Fitness from the Texas State University in San Marcos. I have taught all ages from toddlers to adults. I spent 2 years teaching in Korea before moving to Japan to teach. For myself, teaching is more than just fun. I look at every child as a competent learner and consider teaching as a new and exciting way of discovering the world. It’s exciting and truly rewarding when you see a student understand what is being taught. It is one of the greatest aspects of being a teacher. I like to motivate all students by making the classroom an exciting and fun environment that is both stimulating, engaging and a place to keep students both challenged and interested.

Aoyama School


Primary School Teacher

Mr. Mark

Hello everyone,
My name is Teacher Mark. I was born and raised in Costa Rica. I went to an international school myself since the age of 6, so I can understand what it is like to study and learn English as a second language. That experience created in me a passion for teaching and helping others develop their academic and social skills, not only for school, but also for life.
I majored in Teaching of English as a Second Language and I have been a teacher for 21 years now. I strongly believe in the power of education to change and improve people's lives and to open the doors for a brighter future.
In my free time, I love to study Japanese, play and listen to music, and travel to places with beautiful nature. Besides English, I can also speak Japanese and Spanish. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.


Primary School Teacher

Mr. Nicholas

Hello everyone,

My name is Nicholas and I am from Puerto Rico, USA.

I graduated from Gordon State College in Georgia, USA with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Since graduating from college in 2020, I have lived and worked in Hong Kong. I have most of my experience teaching younger students and I love being a part of children's learning experience and development. My teaching pedagogy includes being an influential guide to children's learning and putting them on the positive path of discovery.

I believe that kids are the future and that we need open minded teachers in the classroom that bridge the gap between our generations and influence the children in a positive manner. Technology is important in today's society and I believe that students need to be shown the proper ways of using it to assist us in day to day learning.

I am happy to be a part of Marie International School and look forward to growing and developing alongside the school and teachers.


Primary School Teacher

Mr. Matt

Hello, I'm Mateus, a Brazilian with an Italian twist! I'm a ball of energy, always ready to have fun, and explore the world with curiosity.

My journey into teaching started when I got involved with a speech therapy clinic. They provided services to children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, and more. It was an eye-opening experience!

Inspired by that, I decided to combine my passion for the English language with teaching. So, I started my career as an English teacher, working with students of all ages. I truly believe that embracing cultural differences and sharing different perspectives can pave the way for a brighter future that benefits us all.

Let's make the world a better place together! I hope to see you soon.


Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Merry

Hi there! I am teacher Merry. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I moved to Japan after graduating in high school and focused on pursuing my passion for teaching English. I have studied Japanese language for two years at Yono Gakuin in Saitama while I am completing my studies in bachelor of Science in Psychology and part timing as an English teacher. Working with children gives joy and happiness to my heart. Teaching to different age groups here in Japan have been an amazing opportunity for me to learn and grow not just as a teacher but as a person.

I aspire to make a safe, positive and fun environment where the children can grow and explore new things that challenge their interests. I feel so blessed to have a chance to shape young minds. I’m looking forward to make a full of fun and memorable experience with everyone!

Ms. Reychel

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Reychel

Hello. I'm Reychel from the Philippines. I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology. I am an energetic and enthusiastic professional with over four years of proven teaching experience in Japan. In my career, I had the opportunity to work with people of different ages and backgrounds. My passion for teaching, together with my creativity, helped me build a great bond with all the students I met over the years. My goal is for every child to be able to be more open and confident and help them develop their potential.

Ms. Yuka

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Yuka

Hello. I am Yuka. I was born and raised in Okinawa. I studied early childhood education and English in college, and obtained a kindergarten and nursery teacher license. After graduating, I worked as an aupair and learned English in the United States for two years. What I value most in early childhood education is give children lots of opportunities to think, and develop their creativity. Also, I always want to be the person who understands them and give them love. I will do my best to make sure that your child is happy and safe every day. Thank you.

Shukugawa School

Yuichiro Ishihara

Gymnastics/P.E. Teacher

Mr. Coach Yu

Hello. I am Coach Yu. I was born and raised in Ibaraki Prefecture. I hold a Bachelor in Physical Education from Tokai University. After finishing my athlete’s adventure in 2010, I became a gymnastic coach successfully bringing young athletes from various gymnastic schools. I believe that the learning process should be fun and is committed to building students confidence and self-esteem through discipline in sport. Most gym routines are boring while repeating the same uninspiring exercises day in and day out. I deliver inspiring and exciting training, where every session feels like play. Life’s too short not to find out the potential of the body!


Primary School Teacher

Ms. Yumiko







Kindergarten Teacher

Mr. Aaron

G’day mates! How’s it goin? I am Teacher Aaron. I was born in Esperance, Australia, I moved to Japan in my mid twenties. I have worked in many fields growing up and I use that knowledge in teaching. I have completed courses in Information Technology as well as teaching English as a second language. I have been teaching in Japan for more than a decade, I like to encourage independent thinking and creativity in my students. I want them to enjoy learning English while they are still young and able to gain the ability to use both their native language as well as English.


Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Meredith

Hi there! My name is Meredith and I’m from Australia. I moved to Japan after doing a Bachelors degree in Japanese and have lived here for 25 years now.
In my time in Japan, I focused on teaching young children and found it to be my passion!
Raising 2 children here, I have learnt many aspects about Japanese schooling and life in Japan as well.
I thoroughly enjoy constantly learning new ways to teach, so I can provide my students with a style that is inclusive of all abilities in an environment built for fun learning.

Nursery School Teacher

Ms. Rechie

Good day everyone! I am Teacher Rechie and I am from the Philippines. I have a degree in Psychology and worked for 5 years as an HR- Human Resources professional. I have been teaching English for two years to different age groups here in Japan. As an educator, I aim to create an ideal, positive and comfortable environment for learning, safety, understanding and fun. I like to make my lessons where every student will be inspired to learn and encouraged to share their individual interests.


Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Sara

こんにちは。私は野崎さらと申します。 私は甲南大学で、英語英米文学科を卒業しました。 英語を学ぶこと、子供と過ごすことがとても好きです。 私は、子供達が何かを学ぶ時に最も大切なことは、 楽しんで取り組むことだと考えています。 毎日を楽しみながら、 英語や、また英語以外の沢山のことを共に学んでいけたらと思います。 子供たちの、かけがえのない子供時代が素晴らしいものになるように、 楽しく、安心して過ごせるような環境づくりに取り組みたいです。 また保護者の皆様もサポートできたらと思います。 何かご相談などあれば、お気軽にお声掛けください。


Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Akari

Hi there! I’m Teacher Akari. 

I was raised in Nishinomiya and now I’m a mother of two boys. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English from University. After graduation I attained the J-shine qualification in Vancouver. 

After I came back to Japan I worked for an international school for about 10 years. This job is full of joy and happiness for me. I'm so honored to be engaged in the growth of children. 

I always try to make them feel safe, comfortable and beloved. I hope our kids enjoy learning English and enter into a wider world in their future!


Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Inna

MISのチームの一員であることを楽しんでいます。毎朝、学校に戻り、生徒や先生たちの笑顔を見るのがとても楽しみで、そのうちに同僚から大切な友人になりました。学校に入った瞬間から、愛と笑いに満ちた温かい雰囲気が伝わってきます。 これらは、幸せな人間を育てるために最も重要な要素であると確信しています。私たちは、生徒たちに知識を与えるだけでなく、自分自身を自由に表現する可能性を与えています。私たち自身が模範となることで、彼らの小さな心を育むことができるのです。感謝すること、愛すること、楽しむことがいかに大切かを教えています。私たちは皆、子どもたちが成長した暁には成功することを望んでいますが、それよりももっと大切なことがあることを忘れています。幼い頃から幸せや充足感に触れることで、成功に対する真の感謝が自然に身につきます。 この貴重な贈り物を手にした子どもたちは、どこに行こうが、何になろうが、自分の可能性を最大限に生かした人生を経験することができるのです。 このような思いから、私は先生方と保護者の方とのコミュニケーション作りのお手伝いをさせていただいています。私たちの学校が日々直面している組織的なプロセスを円滑かつ効率的に維持するために。 何かご希望やご心配なことがありましたら、いつでもご相談ください。


Nursery School Teacher

Ms. Anne

Hello everyone. I am Teacher Anne and I am from the Philippines. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. I also studied Japanese for two years at Ehle Institute in Osaka. I have been teaching for more than 7 years here in Japan and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.I have worked as a Preschool teacher, Assistant Language Teacher and Primary Afterschool Teacher as well. Being a teacher is really rewarding. It’s satisfying to see children learning from me and enjoying my company. 

I hope to help more children achieve important milestones, to make them happy while learning and to ensure their safety during all routines and activities.


Nursery School Teacher

Ms. Akane

私はOide Akaneと言います。私は大学を卒業して幼稚園の先生と保育士をしていました。今は女の子2人のママで、子どもと遊ぶことが大好きです。日々の保育では、子どもたち一人ひとりの個性を大切にし、一緒に笑ったり喜んだり、気持ちを共有しながら、笑顔のあふれる毎日を送りたいと思っています。保育園のことや子育てのことなど、何か気になることがありましたら、ぜひ遠慮なくお声がけください。



Ms. Akiko


Bus Driver

Mr. Kazu

Hello. My name is Kazutaka Minami. I was born in Japan and grew up in Hyogo Prefecture.
After graduating from high school, I went to study in the United States.
I majored in Business, Accounting and Computers. During that time, I was in Seattle and Los Angeles. At first, I could not speak English at all, but in between classes, I enjoyed surfing, basketball, and soccer with people from various countries. We became good friends and communicated well. After graduation, I worked as a system engineer and in education, and I believe that MIS students are blessed with these opportunities. I would like to create an environment for students to achieve their potential.

I usually drive a bus, work as a child care assistant, help with accounting, and carry lunches to all schools.