Spread your wings to the world,
soaring with the unlimited potential of our students

Over the past 20 years, I have started businesses all over the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Japan. These businesses include beauty salons, nail salons and beauty supplies. To improve the quality of the services being provided, I also opened beauty schools for the employees to further their skills and perfect their expertise.

During this time, I decided to send my child to a private school in Los Angeles. When I returned to Japan, I considered sending my child to a Japanese public school. However, I felt that Japanese schools were too large, and their priority was to homogenize the students. Meanwhile, the local schools in L.A. provided an education that was personalized to each individual and pursued their unique potential. Children were encouraged to develop their interest and follow their curiosity. The teachers looked at each child carefully and supported them with what they needed to reach their goals. The proximity and collaboration between the school, the children, and the parents was also appealing.

Using my own experiences of opening businesses and firsthand knowledge in international education as a parent, I was able to establish an international school that accommodates each student. Currently, we have international preschools, kindergartens and elementary schools in Aoyama, Tokyo and Shukugawa, Hyogo. We are committed to teaching in small groups, providing more individualized education. Because of this, we can support every student on their educational journey, no matter what path they choose. We hope that our students will become global citizens with an open-minded perspective to achieve their dreams.

My child, now in university, is in a position with unlimited possibilities. I am sure that she will apply the time that she spent in an international environment to advance in any career path that she chooses.

We hope that Marie International School will be a place where students can shine, now and in the future.

Marie International School
Masomi Nishioka