Noto Peninsula Earthquake Fundraising

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Author:  Teacher Sam


Noto Peninsula Earthquake Fundraising 1


This year's first grade students wanted to combine learning with giving back to the community. MIS children, even as young as Grade 1, are aware how terribly the Noto Peninsula Earthquake affected the people living there and their families. So, we decided to do something to help them. 


Noto Peninsula Earthquake Fundraising 2


The topic of their Performance Task this term was Knowing and Using Japanese Money. Students worked hard to prepare for this task and they made many different things that they could later sell and raise money for a good cause. They made trinkets like pine cone decorations, stone paperweights with the mark of Noto town, bracelets and dream catchers. As they took turns counting the money, subtracting to get the change and answering the questions about our cause, they gained confidence in their counting, money handling and talking to the people that paid us a visit.


Noto Peninsula Earthquake Fundraising 3


We sincerely thank everyone that came and bought something, or donated money to the cause, and of course, big thanks to the students of our Primary school for working hard to help the people that need it.