Marie International School (MIS) was founded in 2020 by individuals who felt the need for a truly-international and holistic education. Together, being a faculty made up of parents, teachers, and those whose who grew up as international students themselves, we believe we can provide a unique type of education that students can take with them throughout their life-time.

MIS is located in Aoyama, Tokyo and Shukugawa, Hyogo, each area with their own unique community and opportunity. Although the language of instruction is conducted in English, MIS provides Japanese classes that are at par with other Japanese schools. Students also have the opportunity to take part in after-school/seasonal programs that provides an opportunity for the students to explore their individual interests.

Although we are still a young school, we are excited to use our flexibility and fast growth to the students' advantage, providing an environment that takes into consideration the true needs of this global community that we live in.

Focused and Student-Centered

MIS is committed to providing an education that guides students to realize and apply each of their unique strengths through guaranteeing a small, focused classroom, with exclusively selected students and faculty, world-class academics, and flexibility in its operation. For Pre-School/Kindergarten, we offer an international preschool licensing model built on Finland's national curriculum. MIS is the only member of the International School Of Helsinki in Japan. For Primary School, our core curriculum, textbooks, and teaching methods are meticulously selected so that students can take advantage of the highest standard available. For example, although we use an American textbook for language arts, we use a Singaporean workbook for math. We are also certified for WIDA, a suite of English language proficiency assessments for Grades K-12. It is a flexible, on-demand language proficiency assessment.

The biggest advantage of learning in small groups is that teachers can individualize each of their teaching methods based on the student. We believe in multiple intelligences, which points to how each student has unique and different ways to learn. We understand that every student is different and not every student learns best from a single teaching approach. By engaging the students' visual, tactile and auditory senses, we can provide true impactful education.

Safety Comes First

MIS understands that students cannot excel without safety, mentally and physically. In the classrooms, teachers encourage students to take on challenges and make mistakes, as this is all part of the learning process. Students recognize the classrooms as a safe space, where they can be open to learn and collaborate with their classmates.

Physically, all facilities are in located in safe and quiet communities. We prepare our very own hand-made healthy meals every day, carefully selected and cooked by a registered dietitian.

Here are some examples of the lunch boxes:

A One-Stop School

Through providing flexibility, and a wide range of choices in school programs, MIS works to reduce the burden that is put on the student and parents in terms of time, finance and energy. On top of regular classes, students can experience other programs such as technology classes, after-school studying or Saturday school where they are free to explore their interests, strengths and weaknesses. For after-school classes, enrolled students can choose up to 16 classes for free. School buses are provided so that students can save their time and energy, and parents can maintain a peace of mind. We plan to continue implementing additional programs in the near future and offer as many opportunities for learning.

An Integrated Education from Pre-School and Kindergarten through to Elementary.

We make sure that after the students learn in MIS Pre-School/Kindergarten with the HEI curriculum, they can start their education smoothly in Primary School. By providing opportunities for the older students to interact with younger students, they will each learn how to cooperate and help one another. We encourage Pre-School/Kindergarten teachers and Primary teachers to share information and communicate often to further enhance the synergy of an integrated education. Students will have a unique experience that can only be gained at MIS. This is just one example of how are committed to do our best to support school life at MIS that is full of dreams and hopes.

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