Week 2 Summer Program in Aoyama Primary School

Category: Other / Information

Day 6

Flying Kite

We went to Yoyogi Park and had the chance to experience how to fly a kite while enjoying the tropical breeze outside!! 



Day 7

Piñata day

Our piñata is a decorated figure of an emoji containing toys and sweets! This is originally from Mexico! Students were able to break the piñata while they were blindfolded. It was a very fun experience!! 


 ピニャータはおもちゃやスイーツが入った絵文字で飾られています! これはもともとメキシコからです! 生徒たちは目隠しをしながらピニャータを壊すことができました。 とても楽しい経験でした!

Day 8

Sports Day

A fun way to move their body and help develop health-related fitness. Our students had 5 tasks to complete for them to be able to get their prices!! All of them gave their very BEST!!


 体を動かして健康関連のフィットネスを発達させる楽しい方法を行いました。私たちの学生は、価格を手に入れるために5つのタスクを完了する必要がありました。 彼ら全員が彼らの最高を与えました!

Day 9

Play dough

A fun way to understand the concept of colors, shapes and forms while making their own rainbow play dough. Cool science experiment we made!! Now they are ready to enjoy playing with it!

 独自のレインボープレイ生地を作りながら、色、形、形の概念を理解する楽しい方法。 私たちが作ったクールな科学実験! 今、彼らはそれで遊ぶことを楽しむ準備ができています!