Primary Student’s Life in a Musical World

Category: Aoyama Blog

Author:  Mr. Kevin

Hello and welcome to the first blog of the new academic year! I am Mr. Kevin and I would like to tell you a little bit about the Music classes at MIS. Music plays a big part in our daily lives, and it’s certainly a huge part of life in MIS among the students.



During our weekly Music classes, this first month we have been learning the basics and fundamental terminologies of Music theory. We have also been working on our listening skills, identifying different instrumental sounds in songs that we get to hear everyday.




Besides our weekly Music classes, we have also been learning the Ukulele during our Afterschool classes. This year we have lots of new students joining the school, and some of them have never played the Ukulele before, however, I have been so impressed by their talent and willingness in trying their best at learning the simple notes and chords, that allows them to play along to their favourite songs. As we always say, ‘practice makes perfect’, I am really excited and looking forward to seeing how the students will grow and eventually be able to perform songs on their own. Let’s go everyone!