General Schedule for Admissions

Applications are accepted all year round and there is no specific deadline for submitting the required materials. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis provided spaces are available. For students enrolling into MIS from other schools, the admission process will take place between October to January for April enrollment, and February to June for October enrollment. Dates will be announced separately. Admission decisions are usually made between February to early March for April enrollment, and July to August for September enrollment.For students who are applying from our school, test, interview and document review will take place in between February and March. 

Language Requirement for Parents

English is the communication tool for everything in MIS. Parents who do not use English as their first language at home need to make an effort to understand the communication with teachers in English and support their children's education.

Recommendations for languages other than English

Letters of Recommendations are preferred, but can be submitted in languages other than English.

Letters of Recommendation

The letter of recommendation should be written by a senior who knows the child well and who will report on the child's academic performance and behavioral assessment. For a prospective student, the most important person to recommend is the child's closest teacher. Please ask the teacher to fill in a letter of recommendation.


Students who have applied for admission will be assessed by a strict admission panel based on school recommendations, academic reports and an English test. The admission decision may be preceded by one or more of the above.

Age and Grade Placement

Admission to 1st Grade is open to students who will have reached the age of 6 before April 1st of the year of entry.


Age and Grade Placement

Admission to Kindergarten is based on whether the student was born before or after April 1st. Students who will have reached the age of three by April 1st of the year of entry will be admitted to Kindergarten. Students of an earlier age will be placed in Preschool. Please note that no exceptions can be made to these eligibility requirements.

If you would like to enroll in Marie International School, or if you have any questions,
please contact us through the contact form or by phone.

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