Moving Day - Shukugawa Primary School

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February is the last month of the winter before everything starts waking up to a new life. Winter of 2023 for our Primary school marks the fresh start as well. We are moving to a new building! It is located in Kurakuen close to the Preschool and Kindergarten buildings, so we are stillneighbors with our little friends and siblings!



Our teachers were busy packing, but teamwork in MIS Shukugawa turned every experience into a good one!



It was a bitter-sweet feeling for all of us: saying bye to those who stayed, but excited about our new Home as well!



The MIS cute little bus was of a big help! So everything reached the new destination safe and sound!



Our new building is spacious and bright! Large windows and high ceilings make our imagination soar!



We started decorating it straight away!



There are three classrooms, a meeting room, a wide hall and a teachers room! Gradually we will fill them up with laughter and creativity!



We are so excited about our new Home and have so many plans for the future! Please, come visit us! You are always welcome to MIS Shukugawa Primary! More happy news will follow soon! Check for the updates!