Sound Olympics

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Author:  Teacher Sam

Here at Shukugawa primary we had a busy and exciting end of year! In September, we paid a visit to Long Life Kurakuen Ashiya Villa on Respect for the Aged Day. We wanted to cheer them up! We had such a nice time, they invited us to join them to celebrate Christmas. They invited a pastor and we had a candlelight service and sang Christmas songs to celebrate Christmas. Then we had cake and tea.  It was a really heartwarming experience. Then, we had our annual Christmas concert. We performed songs and plays, and even had a visit from Santa! Finally, we ended the year with our special program. The focus of our program was proper English pronunciation. We had an event called "Sound Olympics" where students had to perform various physical and verbal challenges, such as tongue twisters. Everyone had a really fun time, and improved their English speaking abilities in the process.  What a great way to end the year. We hope everyone had a happy and restful holiday, and  we wish you all the best in 2024!


The candle service


The students sang the Christmas carols they know, such as Feliz Navidad



The students all worked hard rehearsing their performances so that they could do their very best!



It was such a fun experience for primary students to perform.

Together with kindergarten kids.



We were so lucky that Santa took time out of his busy schedule to visit our good little boys and girls!



As part of our special program, we held the 'Sound Olympics', which included tongue twister obstacle courses.



Teachers had fun playing too.