Every year, MIS holds special seasonal programs: Spring Program (2 weeks), Summer Program (3 weeks) and Winter Program (2 weeks). We take pride in offering thoughtfully designed, immersive theme-based activities such as water play in summer, snow play in winter, arts & crafts, baking, singing & dancing, all led by a team of talented MIS educators. Students will spend each day exploring and acquiring a host of skills in a fully immersive English environment. The admission is open for both regular students and external students. Program schedules apply to both Aoyama school and Shukugawa school.

Our outstanding seasonal curriculum is a cornerstone of our school where children can enjoy creating arts, communicating and collaborating with peers, as well as conducting projects independently. Every student will be provided with inspiring materials, open-ended opportunities and individualized instructions by the teachers. Throughout those fun, intense and engaging activities, students will be able to gain knowledge and embrace the seasons of life.

Seasonal Program

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