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Author: Teacher Anne


It’s back to school season for our little ones and some may have difficulties adjusting to their new environment.By creating craft related to school setting, it will help our little ones to adapt easily.

Our monthly theme for this month is about school so we decided to make a Paper Plate Bus Craft. This is the perfect craft to get them excited about learning and creative play.



This craft is easy and kid friendly.

We cut the paper plates in half and painted them yellow.

Our little ones glued black squares and rectangles for the school bus windows.



They also glued their pictures on one of the windows to give more personal feels and to make their buses cuter.



But wait there’s more… a bus is not a bus without its wheels! So for the wheels, we used toilet paper rolls and had them embellished with dot stickers. Stickers are the best. Our little ones love to play with stickers and they are great for fine motor skills.



We let them choose the color they like to put on their buses but not on their clothes…haha!



Lastly,black circles were attached too to cover the wheels.

We also attached a string so the children can pull them.

Look how cool ! My school bus can stand on its own.



The wheels on the bus go round and round… 🎶

Beep, beep! … our school buses are here! We played “The Wheels on the Bus” while they’re playing with their friends. This simple and fun craft is great for practicing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It is also a good opportunity for learning shapes,colors and numbers as well..Everyone had a blast with this activity.