Marie International School provides students with a high standard of academic excellence. Due to our international approach on education, MIS is able to achieve the high level of expectations we have for our students. Teachers and staff are carefully selected from a global pool of experts who work passionately to provide opportunities for students to learn and grow into independent global citizens.

Our academic program puts an emphasis on the development of students’ reading and writing skills to equip them with a solid academic foundation. This foundation is then enriched with classes built around improving their listening, reading and speaking skills. As well as this, MIS offers special subjects which further provide additional tools for our students to become well-rounded learners.

Furthermore, in support of our academic program, MIS has embraced how learning is made more meaningful and exciting with technology. At an early age, we expose our students to the growing world of educational applications and online collaborative tools.

We provide a variety of resources and learning experiences to expand their love of reading, writing and technology skills. Websites and applications such as ‘Seesaw’ allow students to freely express their learning, which opens a clear window into students’ minds. ‘Seesaw’ provides a safe and teacher-monitored social networking experience where students can record their readings, create portfolios, and engage in interactive learning resources.


MIS believes that teachers are the facilitators of students’ learning. The lessons taught here have real world applications, so students have the necessary tools needed for life outside the classroom and beyond.

Education for life. Teachers apply the progressive method, which emphasizes teaching children how to think rather than relying on memorization. This encourages students to approach concepts and content from multiple perspectives, deepening their conceptual understanding of a subject.


Our school provides a nurturing and challenging environment that is student centered. We aspire to create an environment which prepares our students to become future innovators, responsible adults and critical thinkers.

Of course, our principal priority is the safety of our students and it is something we take extremely seriously at MIS. Through appropriate teacher training and constant communication with parents, we work to ensure that each student’s individual needs are well met with the utmost care and thought.



MIS is certified for WIDA, a suite of English language proficiency assessments for Grades K-12. It is a flexible, on-demand language proficiency assessment. We use WIDA for entry assessment to see the academic level of our new incomers, such as reading, speaking, and writing. We believe this is a necessary step so that teachers can understand and then optimize their teaching methods based on the actual academic level of the students.


The MIS Primary School Curriculum includes Language Arts (English and Japanese), Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Information & Communication Technology, Art, Health and Physical Education. Each academic area is more defined by the curriculum and refined by the prowess of our teachers, which allows our students to gain a deeper understanding of educational concepts. The following are the primary areas of academic studies:

Language Arts: English and Japanese

Our Language Arts Program is designed to foster our students' literacy. We aim to develop their comprehension and capacity in both oral and written skills. We make use of a variety of instructional materials that includes phonemic awareness, writing exercises, reading comprehension and oral recitation.


Our Mathematics Program strongly focuses on operations, fractions, problem solving, abstract concepts and applications. Students use hands-on materials to discover, memorize, and utilize concepts.


Our Science Program offers an opportunity to increase their overall understanding of how and why things work which helps students to develop their minds as a young scientist. The lessons are comprised of extensive experiments to directly explore their natural world through observation and critical thinking. Our program also includes life science, physical science and Earth & space science.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education Program promotes physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility, and enjoyment of physical activity for all students so that they can be active during their time at MIS and beyond. Games and activities are designed to improve muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and develop their motor skills.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies Program enables our students to understand, participate in, and make informed decisions about their world. Our lesson content allows young learners to explain relationships with other people, to institutions, and to the environment, and equips them with knowledge and understanding of the past.

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