Founder & Teachers


Head Teacher

Christopher Harper

Hello everyone. I’m Teacher Chris. I have been teaching for almost 10 years and have taught all ages from toddlers to adults. I spent 2 years teaching in Korea before moving to Japan to teach. For myself, teaching is more than just fun It’s exciting and truly rewarding when you see a student understand what is being taught. It is one of the greatest aspects of being a teacher.


Shimon Ben Lou Lou

Hello, I’m Shimon from Israel. I grew up in South Africa and have lived in many places in the world but Canada and Japan are my favorite. I’ve taught in many schools in Japan from Shikoku to Hokkaido. In my experience kids Like coming to school to see their friends, my hope is to help create a zero negativity environment so that kids can grow to their maximum potential. My passion is pizza, I like pizza the best. Let’s enjoy pizza together!


Rajani, Zeel Bipinbhai

Hello, I am Zeel from India. Working as a teacher has never been a dream. But after working for 3 years in my country, i loved to make it as my career. Nurturing and educating kids also help them to grow to be a better person encourages me in my work.


Athuheire Rovence

I am Teacher Rovence from Uganda! I have been an enthusiastic person with young kids for a while, with experience in teaching kindergarten kids for a year back in my country and 6 months here in Japan. My aim is to foster joy and love in children’s hearts propelling their learning and school time as well as encouraging self esteem and confidence for their growth. More so through the usage of English as a medium of communication.


Mariko Takigawa

Graduated from the Department of Japanese Language Education, Kobe Shoin Women’s University. I have been heavily involved in “Infant Japanese Language Education” for children who have attended an international school for seven years overseas. With age, reading and writing Japanese with only spoken language We will hold Japanese lessons so that you do not have any trouble reading and writing Japanese. Thank you.


Shizuka Oyabu

My name is Shizuka Oyabu, I’ve been involved in early childhood education for nearly 10 years now, and I am still amazed by the rapid growth of children and their ability to learn. I have also obtained a Kids Yoga certificate in Japan and Canada I would like to develop a sense of self-affirmation through yoga with children. We will do our best to support the growth of your children. Thank you for your cooperation. Thank you.


Saya Ota

Nice to meet you. My name is Saya. I’m from Okayama Prefecture and now lives in Osaka. I like playing outside. Let’s all have fun playing together.