President's Message

Spread your wings to the world.
Believe in the unlimited potential of the students.

For the past 15 years, I have been running several beauty schools in the United States and Japan.
I have ran multiple successful beauty schools in New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. I also developed businesses such as beauty salons and nail salons so that I could utilize my skills and educate to my students.
For this very reason, I sent my child to Page Academy Private School in Beverly Hills, LA. When I returned to Japan, I thought about sending my child to a school in Japan.
However, I felt that Japanese schools were too large and their priority was to control and homogenize the students.
On the other hand, the local school in L.A. provided an education that was close to each individual and valued their potential.
Children were encouraged to develop their own curiosity and choose their own learning. The teachers look at each child carefully and give them what they need to develop their potential.
The close proximity between the school, the children, and their parents, and the natural collaboration between the three was also appealing.
My child is now 18 years old, and their career options are open to overseas. I am sure that he will be able to make use of his native English skills and go to a school that is suitable for the career path they choose.
It is with great fortune that I have decided to establish Marie International School.
Using my own experience of raising children and living abroad, I will seek to create an international school in Japan that is attentive and comfortable.
We will also provide the necessary education and support for students to go abroad.
Currently, we have international preschools and elementary school in Aoyama, Tokyo and Shukugawa, Kobe.
We are committed to teaching in small groups, one by one.
We hope that our students will become global citizens with a global perspective and achieve greater fulfillment and happiness in their lives.
We hope that Marie International School will be a place where children can shine, now and in the future.

Marie International School
Masomi Nishioka