Happy Respect for the Aged Day!

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Author:  Teacher Aaron


Let’s go for a walk. Where do you think we’re going?

This month, our Kindergarten students at our Shukugawa Campus did a little something for their grandparents. We are on our way to the local post office to send the postcards that the kids made. We sang songs all the way there.


First thing to do was write the address. The kids traced their grandparents address, then we shrunk it down to fit on the back of the postcard. This was a good opportunity for them to learn about addresses and how the post system works.


The picture was a little trickier, as they had no second chances when making it. We drew an example on the whiteboard and the children did their best to copy it. To make the picture, the students needed to glue the edges of the circles to make sure that it won’t come off in the post.


Next, they drew their grandparents' faces. Using only their memory, everyone could draw wonderful smiling faces. This is because Grandma and Grandpa are always happy when they see their grandchildren, right?


We wrote “Happy Grandparents Day” and “I Love You” using colorful letters. The students did their best copying the spelling from the board, some of them found it difficult to make the letters small enough to fit on the card.


After everyone had finished writing and drawing, they added their own faces onto the card, and some small coloured stickers. Some made flowers with the stickers, others made hearts and some of us just liked to put some around randomly.


Meanwhile in our other classroom, the younger kids were busy making their own style of post card. They had the theme “You are grape(great)”. To make their card they used pompoms and paint for the grapes and glued on the leaves and their face in the grapes. They looked so cute.


Finally, they were finished and ready to be posted, so off we went to the local post office. We bought stamps and took turns to put the postcards in the big red postbox.



We hope you like it Grandma and Grandpa! We love you!!