At MIS we aim to provide a warm, accepting environment where students can feel safe to be completely themselves – a sense of confidence that they can continue to radiate even after they graduate. We believe in inspiring confidence because we know that, as long as children believe in themselves, they can do and become anything they want to be. We will fill up their cup with acceptance, love, knowledge and understanding in the hope that one day the students will give what overflows back to those around them.


Be a Gamechanger

Have an open mind and take initiative when the opportunity presents itself. Have courage in the face of fear and challenge yourself.

Be Honest

Act with honesty and integrity about who you truly are.

Be a Team Player

Have empathy and treat others with respect. Develop strong communication skills to express your ideas and opinions clearly. Realize the joy in contributing towards shared goals.

Be Curious

Always exploring new opportunities to learn, stimulating your curiosity, mind and body.

Be Fun

Live with a positive attitude, act with enthusiasm, and play in all aspects of life!

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