Open School

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Author:  Teacher Reychel

This month, we had an Open School Day. This was a special day when the parents were able to come to school and participate in activities together with their students.

In our Pre-Kinder class, each student received a "Love Basket" filled with ingredients, materials and written instructions for the activities they could do. Parents and their children did four things together.

1. Decorate Valentine's Cookies

Each student was given two cookies, assorted toppings, a small plastic spoon, melted chocolate and a plastic bento box. They could decorate their cookies using the ingredients provided in the love basket. When they were done, they put their cookies in the clear plastic bento box but some ate their cookies right away.


2. Make a Name Bracelet


The students were given assorted shapes of beads including some with letters so they could spell out their names on their bracelet.


3. Marshmallow Skewers


In this activity, each of the students were given marshmallows and a stick to make their marshmallow skewers. They could make it even more tasty and colorful by dipping it in melted chocolate and sprinkling it with colorful sprinkles.


4. Heart Puzzle Wreath


The students used a heart-shaped cut cardboard and glued pieces of jigsaw puzzle onto it and tied a piece of yarn onto the wreath so they could hang it.


Each activity was Valentine's Day-themed. It was also to celebrate Valentine's Day with the parents. Everyone left with a smile on their face. Our Open School days allow parents to spend quality time together with their children and experience a day at school with them. It was a fun-filled and productive day for all!